OWL could be the educational program of Safemoon

Here are my clues :

1/ **Safemoon website** shows that for Q3 2021, educational program app will be finished. It means 100% sure that they are working on it right now to make it done for September.

2/ OWL **as the symbol of knowledge**, is often used for young student programs. Why ? :

* In Greek mythology, a little owl (*Athene noctua*) traditionally represents or accompanies Athena. the bird โ€” often referred to as the “owl of Athena” โ€” has been used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition.
* OWL is also the acronym of “Obsessed With Learning”. That’s the reason we can often see an Owl as a mascot or an icon of some Schools, Universities, learning programs, etc …
* Two examples :
* we got **OWL venture** who seeks to partner with visionary entrepreneurs who are tackling large problems in education and training to build transformative category-leading companies.
* As another example, we can see **Oxford University** who has developed *Oxford Owl for School,* an home to online teaching, learning and assessment resources, expert support and subscriptions for Primary Schools.
* There are plenty of other examples. You can do your own diligence about it, then you will see owls everywhere !

3/ OWL could also be the **acronyms** of :

* Open World Learning
* Online Web Learning
* Online Web-based Learning
* One World Language
* Etc …

4/ Safemoon team has begun to talk about owl after their coming back of Gambia. In addition of the macro economical topics, they could have offered something about educational to Gambia based on their blockchain. We all know that most of the African countries needs serious support in educational development. **Safemoon could be the perfect partner able to provide something smart on the long term and help Gambian local young communities (and maybe beyond) to step up to the next level.**

5/ Safemoon is supposed to finish its educational program within 3 months and **they didn’t talk about it yet …**

What do you think guys ? => Comment below !


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What do you think?

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