Overthinking the owl



[The owl and wizards :)](


We sometime think to much into a situation and these guys like to drive us in circles in their pictures of owls, they are calling to one another as the wolves do as well. Its purely symbolism and allegory.

Brilliant because I never thought of this first, instead sometimes you look deep when it can be so simple.



The owl is associated with the mystery of magic, clairvoyance, omens, silent wisdom, and vision. It is a symbol of the feminine, the moon, and the night. It has been called a cat with wings. While humanity is afraid of the night, the dark and the unseen, the night is owl’s friend. To the Pawnee it was a symbol of protection. The yellow coloring of the eyes is symbolic. It makes the eyes much more expressive, but it hints of the light of the sun, alive in the dark of night. Native Americans believe that one who works with owl medicine will be able to see and hear what others try to hide. According to Native Americans, if Owl is your personal medicine, no one can deceive you about what they are doing, no matter how they try to disguise or hide it from you.


[The owl Association](

Taken from Excerpt:

An owl is to the night as an eagle is to the day. Owls are generally a symbol of paranormal wisdom, regal silence, and fierce intelligence. This is because owls are both great thinkers and [hunters](; they prefer to plan out their strategies instead of using brute force. 

While some cultures believe owls to be magicians or heralds of death, the white owl symbolizes [wisdom]( and endurance. The mixed zymology makes us curious even more. To understand the depth of its meaning that we need to learn a bit more about its background.

Excerpt from:[owl symbolism](

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    Remember Gambia trip, nothing came of that.

    Remember simplex partnership, nothing

    I can go in

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