Order Details for Week 21! Sending 150 more!

#Doge4Masks is a project I started this February to raise Doge to send masks to Bean’s Cafe, a shelter/kitchen in Anchorage in need of masks! This is the 21st shipment I’ve sent so far, and I sent 150 this time!

Full details about the project are in the introductory post here:[](

The plan is every weekend I’m taking whatever’s in that wallet, if there’s been any Doge contributions, and the SoDogeTip wallet linked to this reddit account, and turning it into Amazon Giftcards, then using that to purchase masks! If you’d like to help me buy masks to send to Bean’s Cafe, please feel free to send any amount of Doge you’re willing to contribute to the Doge4Masks wallet address (under my profile!) And if there haven’t been any on a given week, I’ll still send a shipment out of my own pocket!

If you’d like to send some Doge to the address under my profile description, or use SoDogeTipBot to contribute, that would be fantastic!

Also, the finance spreadsheet is in a google doc if anyone is interested in seeing exactly how any contributions are used/have been used! [](


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