One thing I’ve learned in my time trading

Securities have 3 phases.
1. Going straight up in value. Buying frenzies happen to every stock, bond, and crypto. This is when you want to sell.
2. After 1, they plummet in value and land around their previous value, usually a bit higher.
3. After dropping in value, they trade sideways for quite some time. The value rises and falls slightly, but will be mostly steady. This is when you want to buy. This is called consolidation. After consolidating for a while, the security tends to go on a buying frenzy again. Generally consolidating securities do not plummet sharply in value, unless there is terrible news. (For example intel saying they won’t be able to compete in the high end chip market for 6 years).

Currently safemoon is consolidating.

I never really believe in technical analysis but this is a trend that is undeniable. Every market demonstrates this trend if you look at the all time charts. S&p, any individual stock, commodities, even real estate. I have yet to find a security that doesn’t follow this trend.

What do y’all think?

What do you think?

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