Ok hear me out please .

This community from being ,,strongest and crypto driving community” became ,,oh the devs promised the wallet by the end of july and they don’t keep their word” just SHUT THE FU*K up ,show me a crypto that has made atleast beta version in less than a year(Safemoon is not even half a year old) and your pissing urself over few weeks ? I’ve been here since first month ,saw my investment drop from 6figures and the only thing im considering is how amazing our Devs actually are ,be thankful for that.Take a moment and appreciate Papa ,he’s the engine of the Safemoon and the things he will do in future are spectacular. If you are true Safemooner please don’t try to cause FUD ,and hype everyone up to see what’s coming in future.

What do you think?

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  1. This is a tough one. I’m really ok with waiting but a lot of people got super hyped up with all of these tweets, owl’s and everything and unfortunately from a marketing perspective I think it went pretty flat. Again, I’m fine with how things are but I also understand why people are upset. Cool off with the riddles every day and just let the work shine!

  2. Lmao brah appreciating Papa or whatever he does ain’t gonna make my bags lighter.

    We want professional communication and deadlines that we hit.

    We don’t want any more owl shit on Twitter. From Papa or otherwise.

  3. Hear you out so you can tell people to shut the fuck up when something isn’t delivered? It’s their own fault for always hyping everything up with stupid riddles 🙄

  4. In good conscious I cant do that. Its up to the company to make people feel safe and secure. When the company made me feel secure, and I trusted them completely I showed it 100%. I answered so many questions it was like I worked here, but now :/

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