Offering a small amount in BCH for those that would like to post an inquiry on Bitfortip and don’t have any funds. 5 spots available.

Hi all, If anyone is interested, please feel free to send me a PM with the following details:

* Your username on the platform
* What you would like to post

Some use case examples to offer Bitcoin Cash as an incentive:

* Identify a fashion item that you saw somewhere. (With your smartphone you can easily take a picture and upload it directly with a BCH reward)
* Find a better price deal an an item/service.
* Find a specific link/video/image.
* Help on a coding issue.

Funds are held in escrow and once you mark an answer as correct they are credited to the person that gave you the tip that you were looking for.

[Platform link](

More information about the service can be found on the following google slide [presentation](

What do you think?

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