Odd Problem with MSi 3070, works in 1 rig but not in another?

Has anyone had this strange issue where one of your GPUs works without a hitch in 1 rig but not another?


To simplify, i have 1 Intel CPU Rig, 1 AMD CPU Rig, i have a MSi Ventus 2x that absolutely will not work in the AMD rig but fine in the Intel Rig. When i try and get it to work, the GPU will randomly disappear, TREX says it went idle, windows says its not functioning in device manager.


I swap a Ventus 3x (the triple fan version) from the intel rig to the AMD rig and that works. Its not a problem with either rig since they both host 4-7 GPUs, the AMD rig has 4 other MSi 3070s that are working, its not a port, riser, PSU, USB Cable problem as i swapped all those parts. i even went as far as trying 3 different drivers version with an OS reinstall in-between each one of them its a “fresh” install so it could not be a driver conflict issue of some kind. tried a different miner (phoenix miner), tried a different afterburner version. the stable and beta versions.


just doesn’t make any logical sense. Its working now after i swapped the petulant little child MSi Ventus 2x GPU with the Ventus 3x from the Intel rig (seriously, the cards are pretty much the same board but one has 3 fans instead of 2)

What do you think?

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