Observe the Paperhands in their Natural Habitat

Am I the only one who is seeing how many of these so called “HODLers” can’t wait to sell and make a come up from Doge? Is it not clear that majority of these people have no intent on holding for 1-2 years, let alone 5-10? They’re awaiting Doge hitting 70 cents even more so than the return of Christ Jesus, just to sell. Every day there are more and more post about why Doge isn’t and hasn’t moved. None of these people creating these posts ever had any HODL plan, nor are they in it for the community or whatever BS they’re trying to spin and it is clear as day. These are the same people checking their Exchange every 1-5 mins hoping for something drastic to happen so they can get out and celebrate over a petty $1000+ gains. Just to buy back in later at a higher price and end up in the same situation. The next time you see one of these posts, just know you’re looking at paperhand scrubs who joke and meme about themselves. These people tend to be extremely emotional when you call out their senseless actions, just let them expose themselves.

What do you think?

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  1. And I would’ve got away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids

    I still holding. And I don’t hate on anyone who pulls profits. I mean, thats what we’re all doing trying to make money, not be poor. . No one bought doge in the hopes that they would loose money.

  2. I agree however being polite will be a lubricant to get the message across better to the people who need it most. On the other hand it is sometimes healthy to rant.

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