NUTS Gaming Launching Soon on BSC Bringing Poker and eSports to Crypto – Pre Sale 21st July!

NUTS Gaming is a token developed through the Binance Smart Chain, it aims to apply crypto technology to optimise the economy of the poker & eventually the gaming industry.

NUTS Gaming will revolutionise the poker and eSports industry by taking it to its full potential through the integration of cryptocurrency and the creation of our revolutionary platform the Nuts Hub.

**What is the Purpose of Nuts Gaming?**

NUTS Gaming will back professional poker players in tournaments around the world. A PokerSwap will be integrated with the website which will allow people to trade credits from the most known poker rooms and platforms into crypto and vice versa. Nuts Hub: NUTS hub is the platform of NUTS gaming. It is here that you will be able to participate in: -Tournaments -Coaching -Partnerships -Sponsoring -Skins/NFT marketplace -Streaming AND MORE!! But that’s not all, credibility? Economy Ecosystem? Get paid in $NUTSG! Whether you’re a dab hand at poker and want to be paid for coaching, or you’re on a roll and want to stream you’re gameplay to show off your best hand. You can set your rate and get paid in $NUTSG Finally, $NUTSG are partnered with some of the best poker players in the world and are in talks with many more to bring them on the $NUTSG roster. Stop bluffing, get your pokerface on and we’ll see you at the table !

**Who are Nuts Gaming Partnering with?**

Nuts Gaming are working with an extensive list of gaming streamers & Poker Player who will be confirmed in the near future.

**The Tokenomics of $NUTSG – Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000**

**Supply Distribution**

* Devs/Team (5%) **Locked**
* Pre Sale Round 1 (10%)
* Pre Sale Round 2 (10%)
* Market (10%)
* Staking/Burns (25%) **Locked**
* Nuts Hub (25%) **Locked**
* Partnerships/Marketing (10%) **Locked**
* Exchange (5%) **Locked**

**Trade Taxes**

* **12% Buy Tax**
* 3% to Holders
* 1% LP
* 3% Development
* 1% Team
* 2% Marketing
* 2% Buy Back Wallet
* **18% Sell Tax**
* 7% to Holders
* 1% LP
* 3% Development
* 1% Team
* 2% Marketing
* 4% Buy Back Wallet

**Join the Community to find out more about the Pre Sale…**

**NUTS** Website – [](

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