Numbers don’t lie, but they are anonymous

There are many voices opposed to sharing, discussing, hoarding, AND wow’ing about Dogecoin. I see a lot coming around to denounce Dogecoin under the claim that they are “discussing” it with us. So far, detractors have not discussed anything, but they debate. They care nothing for sharing fun and silly memes, or encouraging others about a better future. Nah, fam, they ain’t treating some of us like family. So does that mean that Dogecoin is stronger than family? One thing is for sure, Dogecoin is never gonna let you down. And since its value is determined by us, then its the paper hands that gave it up. People talk about building communities and being supportive and respectful… Some of them are blowing smoke. They detract. They pity. They ridicule. They disguise it.

They think they are strong. They talk about how they got out or made bank. They talk about how they are smart. They talk about how they don’t care. They don’t wow. They won’t wow. They ain’t interested in co-creating a better way, even though more and more businesses are accepting Dogecoin. They lack what they don’t have. They use their words, against those who don’t agree with them, because that’s the only power they know how to use and they don’t know how to use it with any responsibility. They don’t want to connect with us when they initiate discussions. They don’t try to make a friendship. They don’t act friendly. They want us to stop sharing, to stop trying to connect with the rest of us that aren’t like them. I see the few, the proud, the shibes. Stay strong Doge Army. The Doge Army is strong.


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  1. Not all subscribers are here for DOGE. I believe those that is dogefam will show them that we are supportive and love DOGE. Just continue to Do Only Good Everyday to those that don’t care about us. 😎

  2. I really like dogecoin and have been in favor of it for a long time. Since joining this reddit community all I see is whiney cry babies trying to force a $1 over night. The posts and memes aren’t as good anymore. Just seems like a bunch of stressed out compulsive gamblers more worried about the high. And of course the posts from the .00Xs saying they’re hodling with everyone too yay support! Or the posts about Elon and how he either is saying something or isn’t. It’s just getting pathetic. All that being said I still believe in doge and will hold until it hits a dollar, hopefully in a couple years. But if nothing changes in this subreddit community I’m out. It’s not worth being on my front page anymore. QQ

  3. This is definitely the best community. It is full of compassionate and caring people as well as those desperate for a rise lol
    Im in a few subs and only one other can compare to the love and positivety shared in this one.

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