$NotSafeMoon Dashboard Is Here!

Please take a moment to reflect on the legion of shitcoins that are no longer with us. May they rest in peace…

Do you know who Ryan Dunn is? Well,you should… This revolutionary coding wizard is disrupting the world of decentralized finance in the best of ways. Scammers and schemers are shaking in their space boots as they await the launch of the [NotSаfеМoon Dashboard]( Designed to shine a bright light on dishonest liquidity pool practices, “moon coins” powered by faulty forked smart contracts (now spreading like wildfire) will be brought out into the light . As these moon clone token contracts collect fees, the tokens accumulate in the contract, until they reach a threshold. At that point, half of the tokens are swapped out for BNB, and then are dumped into the liquidity pool with the other half, thus DEVALUING THE TOKEN! Tech wizard Ryan Dunn published an [entire 10 page technical analysis]( explaining the flaws in these moon clone contracts.

No longer will new investors be left in the dark about unbalanced liquidity pool action & other unfair practices that are only meant to benefit developers and early top holders. The concept of tokenomics is moot when a smart contract is written specifically for untrustworthy individuals to thrive. DeFi has cancer; NotSаfеМoon is the cure. Together we will bring knowledge and order to deflationary tokens with hard math and science.

Gaze upon the majestic Price Predicting Bot on [Twitter @NotSаfеМoon]( — as it calls out lopsided liquidity dumps & real time price drops with 100% accuracy. These dumps DEVALUE the token. All investors, whether they be noob or guru, should have access to pertinent information about the assets they are aping into. I just saw the developer, Ryan, on[ Sam Tripolo’s podcast]( talking about all this stuff, too, if you want to hear it straight from him. Their [YouTube]( channel has a lot of great info, too.

NotSаfеМoon token utilizes a **true** 2% burn, and 6% reflections that are **only** paid to actual wallet holders – NO reflections go to the burn address or liquidity pool like all those moon clones. The unique NOTSAFEMOON code makes it a **true** deflationary DeFi token–the first one I’ve found that **actually** works as advertised.

Interesting isn’t it? I’m done swimming in a sea of shit when there’s a long term, actual project gem like this. NotSаfеМoon is here to stay. Get in now, or remain poor later.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. This one is a game changer.

More info :

[Website ]( [Whitepaper ]( [Dashboard Beta]( / [Previous AMA]( / [Telegram]( / [Reddit]( / [Discord](

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