Noticed Richard Branson giving a speech about space over twitter and people are honestly depressing there

Every time I go back to check on Twitter it always enrages me to no end, how stupid people can be and honestly this story is no different.

Richard Branson if you didn’t know went to space for a few minutes (Virgin Galactic). He gave a speech about how space will be accessible to everyone but the comments are 99.9% bashing him and how all his money should be stolen and given to “the ones who deserve it” as well as how space has no purpose or how his vision sucks because he doesn’t understand poverty.

Give the man a break, he’s trying to inspire people to be innovative, to reach for the stars and all Twitter can do is put their hand out like “HEY, GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY, YOU DESERVE NONE AND SPACE SUCKS”.

I guess there’s a very good reason why these people complaining are allegedly poor AF and it’s probably because they lack vision and ambition or even most likely they’re stuck with a modicum of intelligence. Even if they’re just saying that to virtue signal, all they’re doing is displaying their ignorance.

Whenever I come to /r/dogecoin I end up feeling happy again. Don’t care if it’s a bad chart day, it’s always a good day on doge. Sorry to vent like this but let it serve as a reminder that Twitter is really a terrible place to go if you want to feel good.

**D**o **O**nly **G**ood **E**veryday!

What do you think?

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  1. This happened when we went to the moon as well. NASA had plans drawn up to go to Mars way back in the 70s but public opinion turned. People were more interested in getting money to social programs than space exploration. We move one step closer then take 10-15 years to take another.

  2. Don’t forget that the public heavily funded his billionaire fantasy so other billionaires can go into space for a joy ride. I don’t care what he does with his own money but it’s a damn shame that the tax payers have been funding it.

    Branson is a leach on the public. Many of his enterprises were partially funded by the public then go on to loose a lot of money yet Branson gets richer.

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