Nothing is being done about this echo chamber

This has become a really bad echo chamber full of reposted memes, news, Elon, pretty much everything… the mods show no real signs of cleaning anything up or taking action. Very rare to see people actually doing only good everyday, posting fresh new memes, or sharing news / tweets that aren’t already days and months old. It appears to be on us. So please, do your part! Use the search bar and check if a post is already up (it says this in the rules of this subreddit that you didn’t read). Downvote repeated posts that are clearly award or karma farming. If the mods won’t respond then it’s on us as a community to keep it clean.

What do you think?

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  1. Damn, this could have been a fresh meme, Instead it was a post about not enough fresh memes.
    In my opinion reposts of old memes are fine, oftentimes I don’t see the original.

Bloom Energy and The Energy Revolution

It’s a slow death at this point in time …. Devs need to change something fast … more publicity/advertising or another push to get some more holders .