No value given for ERC 20 tokens

I have been trying to move various ERC 20 tokens from a Metamask wallet to my Ledger. All was going well with the first few, then the last two arrived – and although I can see the coins, there is no value in terms of fiat shown. I found a post that said it may be to do with Ledger not letting you change the rate provider anymore, so if the rate provider automatically chosen doesn’t have a rate for these tokens, nothing comes up. Is that the reason? Can it be solved so their value can be seen, and value added to your overall portfolio total? It’s a bit worrying seeing no value against them.. thank you so much for any advice 🙂

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  1. If the token isn’t officially supported by ledger then you won’t see the value. This is why people connect a supported external wallet so they can see that information. In this way, the keys to your tokens are still secure on your ledger but you can view it on the supported wallet.

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