NIO DD. (Could be a the powerhouse of China) Bonus: why you shouldn’t be worried about Chinese Regulators

CICC just upgraded to $69 per share because they believe NIO will sell 70,000 ET7s alone. Not counting the 3 SUVs they already sell

NIO makes it to where customers pay a subscription for their battery so they can save around 8k and not worry about Battery degregation. As a customer you pay a monthly subscription for this service. You can also just buy the battery

Battery Swapping: China has over 600 battery swap stations (I Believe).
80% of ppl in China live in Apts so having your own charger is pretty tough. (This was proven by multiple Chinese YouTubers who own Tesla’s, XPENGs, NIOs ect.

China is also a sleeping E-commerce giant. NIO life products selling out in Minutes, they sell food, clothing, bags, all high quality. They’re wanting to change the view on Chinese quality. (NIOs are actually built with the best metals when compared to Tesla and others. (Respect to Tesla tho, they’re amazing)

NIO vehicle margin: 21%+ compare that to other automakers and you’ll see why NIO is priced the way it is. Future earnings will be insane when they’re selling more vehicles

NIO’s cult like following: William Li( NIO CEO) believes the culture of the company is most important. Sort of like Apple. Hundreds and thousands of Chinese NIO owners act the same way as American Tesla owners. Posting And what not. Also helping deliver cars etc.

NIO continues to sell more vehicles every quarter by a ton.

Just look up NIO house if you have no idea what it is.

On Chinese Regulation: China doesn’t go for companies trying to get big. They go for Giants that are already at the top like Baba and Didi. Didi owns 90% of the ridesharing market. NIO has been backed by the Chinese Govt, something we haven’t seen much of before. China already claims it plans on being the EV powerhouse of China, why would they screw themselves?

What do you think?

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  1. If your not worried about Chinese regulators than you should literally just put all of your money in BABA.

    Without the typical China/CCP concerns, it has to be the most sure “sure thing” in the stock market today.

  2. Im short term bearish on NIO. I’m wondering if I pick up 100 shares of Nio at $45 (current price), and sell an Aug 20 call @ 30 for $15 and price goes down in this timeframe, then the call wouldn’t be exercised, and I essentially own NIO @ $30/share? would it work?

  3. NIO and XPEV and LI are not the problem. They are beating or catching up with TSLA in China. The problem is the Chinese government. I took profit yesterday and only hold a small amount of XPEV and LI. If the crack down did not happen I would double down on all 3 stocks.

    I don’t think the EV companies will be target, but the psych it cause to the market is something I can’t control. It just pull down all Chinese stocks. I think it’ll fall further and if so I’ll pick them back up. For now I’m waiting to see what happen.

  4. If they could improve their battery efficiency I would be buying, their technology is just not good enough yet

    Battery swaps normally wouldn’t make sense but for an area like China it is perfect, Has anyone looked into the costs for the company? Definitely benefits the customer but storing extra batteries/ recycling once the technology improves must add extra costs.

  5. >China already claims it plans on being the EV powerhouse of China, why would they screw themselves?

    Sure, of China. What makes you think NIO won’t get the CCP banhammer once they try to sale outside the Chinese market?

  6. The problem is that every time China does something that affects a single Chinese tech stock, they all go down. As a BABA holder it has frustrated me to no end. Also Nio might literally be the only Chinese tech stock that isn’t undervalued based on its fundamentals. I would buy BABA, TCEHY, BIDU, or pretty much any other Chinese tech stock before NIO and its 73 billion dollar market cap.

  7. RE: Battery Swap Stations

    Isn’t this a huge overhead as opposed to Tesla’s charging stations?

    The overhead to run such a station (rent, employees, maintenance) for each location seems unsustainable.

    Maybe Cramer isn’t wrong about selling off.

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