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After countless hours of studying, researching and trading the market i have created a new strategy to trade the market with that works almost everytime (Especially for beginners)

It’s called the Personal Investment Price Movement or otherwise known as PIPM. Basically PIPM states how the market directly reacts to your investments or what you do. (Especially when you begin investing) It runs on 3 basic concepts A) B) and C)

A. Is when you invest a large sum of money the market will almost certainly tank everytime, The price movement directly reacting to our personal investment. PIPM. A good trading strategy for trading this is invest a large sum of money to “trick” the market into thinking you are investing there for it will surely dump so you quickly withdraw your investment and put in a short tricking the market and making a tidy profit….maybe

B. Is when we don’t Deposit or withdraw we just HODL the market will definitely just trade sideways forever until the end of time and you can safely buy the lows and sell the highs above and below your PIPM Line (just as you would the VWAP line) but you’ll never make enough money to get anywhere in life doing this.

C. Is when you withdraw all your holdings the market will moon continually until you re-enter of course where it’ll then dump. So a good trading strategy for this is to withdraw all your holdings and tell your friend to put in a long because the market will moon as soon as you withdraw and just go halves with him in his profits from the long.

Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice.
(It’s also just a joke i think we can all relate to :))

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What’s the point of the wallet without a buy button?