Need Strategy to Get My Money Out of CoinBase

So far, I have no problems and no complaints about CoinBase, great company as far as my little direct experience. A year or so ago I opened a CoinBase Pro account and successfully transferred all of my CoinBase bitcoin and most of the other types.

I’d like to get my money totally out, or at least as much as I can. I am deathly afraid of losing it all in the process; that’s pretty much why I didn’t take it out years ago and why I’ve pretty much just left it dormant. I don’t have a wallet yet but I’m going to buy a hardware wallet of some kind and just want to transfer to it and then close out my BitCoin account.

What strategy should I follow to try to maximize how much money they’ll actually let me get out (net of the various fees I’m fully expecting) and most importantly how to avoid them putting the whole account under review, locking it, claiming I need some super secret double probation key or some other ID or something I don’t have. All I have is a username and password; so far they have never asked me for anything else to log on or buy or spend small amounts.

As specifically as possible, what steps should I follow? With other companies with bad reputations and I’m dealing with someone on the phone when trouble starts, I just beg off, apologize profusely, ask them to ignore the call, I’ve changed my mind. And then try again later (Customer Service Rep Roulette). But my fear is that the moment I actually try to get some money, that’s it, my whole account becomes locked to me forever and I won’t be able to back out and try again. So I want to be careful.

Any specific step by step advice?

What do you think?

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  1. The wallet fees are much higher than the exchange.

    Get your hardware wallet then transfer a small piece to see if it allows it.

    Then send the rest once it’s confirmed on your end.

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  3. So far, in chats, the advice is to set up a CoinBase wallet in the account, transfer all to it, authenticate it. Then (I’m less sure of this) transfer from the CoinBase wallet to my hardware wallet (which I haven’t bought yet but plan to).

    People want to chat about this rather than post, I guess. I don’t chat much, but I’m very grateful for the responses anyway!

    If the very process of creating a CoinBase wallet and authenticating it avoids some of the pitfalls I’m reading about here, maybe I’ll just do that, and keep my CoinBase account open. Would that make it less likely I get the “account under review” freeze out?

  4. well from what i know they require some kyc in order to send and receive crypto on coinbase. since you linked with cb pro you were able to send out as its staying in coinbase. but on coinbase if you go to settings/ limits it will say if sending and receiving is enabled or not.

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