Need Desperate Help !!

My Dad is currently affected by COVID here in India. His situation is currently not very good and we are pretty much broke from the hospital charges. I would be grateful if anyone can help with very small amount of any crypto you may have. I would definitely pay you all back in an year once I get a Job. It can be even a dollar which is 70 rupees here in india. If I can get at least 5,000 rupees which is $67 it will be enough for medical expenses for a month.

Please ignore if you don’t like to donate.

BTC Address: 1AZYWVBBofSwmS39qPyxh9qcSX6qfxauiF

ETH/UNI/BAT/USDT Address: 0x87Aa9c9fd14A8d60f5D7bfFEc8225395704e6BAD

BNB Address: bnb1d42htaphcujdvr6f70thvhdftvve7nv5ufv540?memo=558804

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