My prediction about the killer feature of Safemoon Exchange.

This is a huge speculation of mine, but I think the killer feature of Safemoon exchange will be the **ability to buy/swap any token (on any blockchain) from any source (token or fiat)**, thanks to bridges.



I want to swap my token A on Blockchain X with token B on Blockchain Y.

What the user will see is just one atomic operation, but under the hood this will happen:

1) token A will be swapped with pSafemoon on blockchain X

2) pSafemoon will become Safemoon on the Safemoon blockchain (via the bridge from Blockchain X)

3) Safemoon will become pSafemoon on Blockchain Y (via the bridge to Blockchain Y from Safemoon Blockchain) and swapped with token B

**Please notice that step 2 can be removed if there is a way to do a direct “double bridge passthrough” of pSafemoon from Blockchain X to Blockchain Y using bridges [X -> SFM] and [SFM -> Y] which I think is possible**

OFC, if any of these steps fail the whole atomic operation will fail


**Notice how each of this swap reduces the circulating supply because Safemoon will be locked in the vault**. Remember what about Papa said about the circulating supply?

Remember when John said that Safemoon will be the fuel from the freedom of the unbanked?


What do you think, army?

What do you think?

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  1. The buying scenario

    User wants to buy Token A on Blockchain X paying in FIAT

    The user will simply see a purchase operation and he will get his tokens, but what actually happens is:

    1. User’s money is used to buy Safemoon on Safemoon blockchain
    2. Safemoon becomes pSafemoon on blockchain X using the bridge, effective locking Safemoon in the vault.
    3. pSafemoon on blockchain X is swapped to Token A


    end result:

    the user spent some dollars and got the tokens he wanted.

    This avoids the current hassle of having to buy Blockchain X’s coin and swapping it with the desired token with a decentralize exchange, which we are well aware

  2. So is there a 10% fee or whatever when you convert safemoon to another currency? Depending on how you’re buying it (app is integrated with simplex) you’re gonna get hit with a buying fee of slippage, a simplex fee, and a fee to convert it which would all equate to losing over 40% of your initial investment. Obviously tokenomics if you held for months leading up to this would negate some losses, but I’m starting to read more about trust wallet and bitmart both shorting people on what they should’ve received so I’m skeptical. I’m holding a lot of safemoon and am down over $1400, but I don’t care. I’ll continue to hold and see how this all turns out in the upcoming years, but I believe it’s important to have criticism. Most people praise safemoon to the point where’s it’s cult like which doesn’t help because constructive criticism is important to growth and understanding the project. Don’t blindly throw your money at something and not make demands or ask questions. Some may even downvote this comment despite me being a long term believer and holder.

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