My guide to gpu mining :)

**How to Mine Cryptocurrency for Noobs (July 2021)**

**Checking GPU and Coin Profitability**

Mining cryptocurrency can be intimidating at first but once you understand how it works it is very easy. There are two ways to mine. You can use a one-click miner or mine directly to a pool. I HIGHLY recommend the second as you will understand mining and how it works more clearly, and you maximize profits. The first thing you need to do is find a profitable GPU. You can use this website to see the current profitability for NVIDIA GPUs, AMD GPUs, and ASIC Miners.


The next thing you need to find a coin to mine. There are many different options. Currently, Ethereum is the most profitable but is subject to change. You may want to go with a small altcoin like Ravencoin (RVN) in hopes that prices rise in the future. DYOR and find a project that works for you. You can even jump around between coins. You can use the site below to put in the number of GPUs and types you have for a calculation of profitability including electricity costs.


**Finding a Pool**

Once you have a coin picked out, it is time to find a pool. I personally like Ethermine and 2 Miners because they have clean, professional websites with all advanced information. Other good pools are F2Pool, Binance, Hiveon, etc. These two sites below can be used to check pools, their fees, number of miners, hashrate, and the last block found. Remember to consider payout minimums and make sure it will not take you 8 months to be able to get a payout. Ethermine pays out 2 weeks after you hit 0.001 ETH.



Pool Websites-



Ethermine even has a “Start Mining” tab that makes it very easy to get started with their supported coins.

**Finding a Miner**

Next you need to find a miner that supports the coin you want to mine. I like to stay with the least sketchy miners, but a good anti-virus can keep you safe. PhoenixMiner is a good miner that has a website to download from rather than Github. You can find tutorials on YouTube if you have trouble.


You will download the miner of choice and extract the files to your computer. Depending on the miner, there can be lots of options. Find the coin you want to mine with the pool you want to mine to and right click and click edit. This text controls your BATCH file that is setup to mine. Because you found your pool within the file it will already have the pool in the text. All you need to do it paste your Ethereum (or altcoin) address with a space after -wal. The -worker tab is just the name of your rig, which can be anything. Everything else is set as it is supposed to be. An example of an Ethereum and Ravencoin text can be seen below.

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal 0xAB94112445421872c30eB96014b78Be26B00e6E7 -worker baby -epsw x -mode 1 -log 0 -mport 0 -etha 0 -ftime 55 -retrydelay 1 -tt 79 -tstop 89 -coin eth


t-rex.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p x



Once all of the above is setup, you are good to go. Save the edited text so your wallet and worker name is in place and double click the application and it should start mining.


[Active Mining](

Plug your wallet into your pool’s website and after about 20 minutes, you should see a hashrate to know you are connected and mining.


[Ethermine Stats](


To maximize profits further, you can mess with overclocking. It is important to know how the algorithm you are mining with works. Ethereum is very memory heavy so you will want to boost memory clock and decrease core clock. You can even become more profitable lowering power limit as it saves money on electricity. Every GPU is different so you will have to play around with it. There are lots of good sources online to help you. The number one goal when overclocking is to **KEEP TEMPERATURES DOWN**. Damage only comes when temperatures, especially VRAM get too high. Applications like MSI Afterburner can be used for overclocking and applications like GPU-Z can be used to monitor GPU temperatures and specifications. DYOR and be careful overclocking.




[MSI Afterburner](

**Solo Mining**

You can also solo mine which is more of a gamble trying to find a block on your own. You can make a lot of money solo mining but it definitely takes a lot of hashpower and a lot of luck. I would probably recommend an altcoin as finding and ETH block would be nearly impossible without thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. 2 Miners has a nice section to start solo mining. I have also never tried solo mining.

**One-Click Miners**

If you want to be a dumb, lazy SOB who one-click mines to lose profits and does not follow this guide, here are some popular one-click miners. Again I **DO NOT RECOMMEND** one-click miners.






Information by u/babylmao twitter @ babybutcrypto

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  1. My Two Centz:

    Consider Ethminer for mining software. 0% miner fee, open source.

    Consider using HiveOS with Hiveon Pool for at least your first 4 rigs. 0% dev fee, 0% pool fee.

    That’s a lot of avoided fees if you ask me XD

  2. Is phenoix miner really safe? Would like to know if anyone else is using them. Went to their about page the twitter link links to some random Russian twitter. Other links also look questionable. On main page their social media links to Ethereum social pages not their own. Looks quite scammy.

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