My experience – Minerstat vs HiveOS

Hi all,

I’ve been with Minerstat for about 8 months now and I have about 7 rigs on it, 3 Windows 4 msOS.

Recently I added 1 more rig to my portfolio and decided to go with HiveOS to give it a try.

My latest rig: 4x Vega56, 1x 5700, 2x Vega64

Initially, I had issues with HiveOS, mining software crashing when setting up OCs and memory adjustments, eventually, rig rebooting. Naturally, I turned to Minerstat to set it up and, to my surprise, it was far worse than Hive. Minerstat completely crashed time and time again and needed manual intervention to turn it back on. Sometimes also went straight to bios after rebooting.

I worked out the issues with the OCs and cards and now it has been stable and running for the past 7 days without a hiccup, even modifying OCs.

Over the last 7 months, I’ve had a number of issues with the software, crashing randomly, having to reimage the USBs several times. For example, last time it wiped itself when I clicked to open the online console. I got to the stage that I’m afraid to do anything to Minerstat because it will crash, without a doubt. Changing coins to all my rigs will take an extensive amount of time.

Anyway, below are my pros and cons of Minerstat vs HiveOs in no particular order. Some of them are more annoying than others, but I will refrain from commenting on that.

I won’t comment on each con/pro, decide for yourself how big of a deal is.

Also, some of the cons (eq. HiveOS – no Windows software) can be a positive as the dev team can concentrate on providing a better Linux product, however, not everyone has the option to run on Linux and having multiple options is usually better. Everyone has different priorities.

Feel free to add yours.

**+** Minerstat

* Beautiful GUI
* Easy to understand and setup things
* Easy to navigate
* Windows software
* Pay with fiat
* Live support (hit and miss with availability). Even if support (1 person) is not on, you will get a reply.
* Support on Discord. (saved my ass a couple of times there)

**-** Minerstat

* Crashes. It crashes my rigs randomly with no warning and no errors, once every 2 weeks – 1 month.
* I’ve had huge issues with Minerstat OS becoming corrupt several times randomly
* When it crashes, the rig goes offline, never recovers and needs manual intervention. To overcome this I’ve had to add smart plugs.
* OC settings are hit and miss, weird to apply and not intuitive
* Extra stats, extra $
* No CPU readings if you are dual mining
* Wattage doesn’t seem to be very accurate, especially on dual mining
* Changing anything in the worker’s settings (eq. power costs) restarts the mining software.
* Software sometimes refuses to communicate with the rig. For example, now I’m trying to shut down 1 rig. The software simply doesn’t shut it down.

+ HiveOS

* Very stable, never crashed and when it rebooted there was no need for manual intervention
* Lots and lots of OC settings are available from the community
* Wattage readings are more accurate
* Watts report adjustments possible per worker
* A whole lot more settings and options
* It seems to be draining less power at the wall

– HiveOS

* Difficult to navigate and to understand web interface
* No Windows software
* Not as polished – buttons and settings everywhere
* Graphs hard to read
* No fiat pay, only crypto
* Sketchy or non-existent support
* Too many, not curated, community OC settings.

I now have 7 rigs on Minerstat and 1 on Hive and I think I’ll move the msOS rigs to HiveOS, keeping the Windows ones on Minerstat.

Anyone, this was my experience, hope it helps with your decision.

What do you think?

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  1. Ok, so after I posted this I moved one of my rigs from Minerstat to HiveOS.


    * 5x RTX 3070 Gigabyte
    * 80% fans
    * Power limit 130W
    * Memory Clock +2100
    * Mining software: Gminer (default settings)

    Minerstat Results

    * 645W consumption (129W per card)
    * Hash: 300.856 MH/s (100% eff) (varies per card, between 60.099 MH/s and 60.236 MH/s)
    * Temperatures between 50C and 57C

    HiveOS Results

    * 773W reported consumption (varies per card, between 116W and 126W)
    * Hash: 304.6 MH/s (100% eff) (varies per card, between 60.89 MH/s and 60.99 MH/s)
    * Temperatures between 49C and 55C

    I’ve added by default +95 watts per rig and 90% PSU efficiency (gold) which reflects the power at the wall.

    I feel more courageous to tinker with HiveOS settings than Minerstat.

    I pushed the rig a bit further, still keeping 100% efficiency, this is the result:



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