My Dogecoin story

My dogecoin investment began in January 2021. I had just downloaded the Robinhood app and found out there was a meme based cryptocurrency. I tell my wife about it after making a few risky investments (Blackberry, TherapeuticsMD, and Cronos for anyone interested). We discussed risk vs potential and had to do some due diligence. My wife came across an article about how some XXX website was going to start accepting dogecoin and other cryptos. We invested a little over 100 dollars. Doge was at .7 cents. You can imagine our surprise as we continued to research the coin and watch it grow this year. Some places were saying it could even break a dollar by years end. We ended up investing to get 1600 DOGE with the average price being $.06. Sadly as it grew so did various surprise expenses. We ended up having to sell most of it when it peaked around $.74. Then the dips kept coming. My wife saw the red, red downward spiral but we kept strong. We were able to reinvest back to 1200 coins.

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