MSI Seahawk RTX 1070 AIO Liquid Thermal Pad Change – Much needed

Recently noticed some very interesting stuff. So some of the cards on the rig were near 38-42 degrees. While this seems normal, one card was huffing away at 50 degrees. So I wanted to understand whether it was my cooling of the cards or something else.


[Gray pads were bad, blue pads were still good.](


Long story short, some of the pads were falling apart. In the photos it’s the gray looking pads. The blue pads were still jelly like and maintaining its shape after 4+ years in use. The gray pads were just crumbling apart. I had figured this might be the case as my other rig I posted (rx 580 8gb) were suffering after many years of abuse.

After a quick change on all the cards, now they are much warmer at around 45-49 degrees. My guess is before that chips on the side (VRM instead of VRAM) were not getting cooled sufficiently. While the cards were not crashing, I could never ramp them up to higher levels. Anytime I would, the cards would eventually fail after a few hours. Me thinking it was my settings I just bumped them back down. I decided to completely swap out all pads and so far the cards seems to be a bit warmer (likely because the thermal pads are now transferring more heat to the heatsinks).

This is good overall and definitely happy to have done this. Now I can rest easy another 4-5 years XD.


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