MSI RTX 3080 GAMING X TRIO – Lost settings

Long story short, I have a mostly idle computing that I was using to mine monero and eth. I was using these settings: fixed clock speed 1170 memory speed 9951, and getting an hashrate between 94 and 95 MH.

Yesterday I realized that mining monero wasn’t worthwhile, and I decided to reduce power consumption. I reduced the CPU clock speed to 1920Mhz, voltage to 1 volt, reduced fan speed and did a few more changes (not sure what I changed I was experimenting). Most of these changes (if not all) were done using MSI Center.

The point is: the hashrate raised to 98MH, and stayed like that until I had to reboot today. Something went wrong during the reboot and the MSI center settings were lost.

I have replied all the changes that I remembered, but I can’t get it back to 98Mh…

I have HWinfo screenshots at 98 and currently at 94, but I have no idea what can be causing the difference. Any ideas?
Dropbox link to the image: [](


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