MSI 3080 Ventus Thermal Pad Question

Hey guys! So I just recently bought a MSI 3080 that I am going to use to mine Ethereum in the background when I’m not gaming. I’ve noticed like many people that the VRAM temps are way too high and I’m attributing this to the crappy thermal pads and thermal paste that come stock.

I’ve watched a number of videos and read a number of posts and it seems that there is some disagreement about whether or not to use 2 mm or 3 mm thermal pads on the memory. I’ve seen some people use gelid 3 mm pads which since they are squishy they compress down to the desired thickness more easily.

I currently am I up thermalright 2 mm pads and thermalright TFX thermal paste. Can someone confirm that those are both good products to use for this and that I haven’t missed something in terms of the thickness? I think that I’m going to just replace the thermal pads on the memory on the front and the back for now and replace the thermal paste on the GPU die. Is one pack of pads enough to do that? And am I right and assuming that the rest of the thermal pads can be left stock?

I know I’m asking a lot of questions so I really appreciate anyone that takes the time to help me out.

What do you think?

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  1. I have the 3080 Ventus
    I used the following:

    Thermalright Thermal Pad 12.8 W/mK, 85x45x2mm – Die Side Memory Chips – 1 sheet was just enough

    Thermalright TF8 Thermal Compound Paste 13.8 W/mK – repaste on GPU, and thin, thin layer on top of memory chips and thermal pads

    They compressed fine. Mining right now at 86 mem, 47 gpu, 62 hot spot.

  2. For my Ventus 3x, I started out replacing the back pads with 3mm Thermalrights. It didn’t do much. After replacing the front pads with 2mm, the temps reduced from 110c to 98c.

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