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So I have a GB 3080 OC and am currently using Precision x1 to OC it. Precision x1 seems to lose its ability to accurately control the card. After about 12 hrs mining, the power consumption goes way up along with VRAM temps indicating stock settings are being used but the Precision x1 still shows my selected settings.

Can poor/extreme (i.e. +1650) overclocking settings cause Precision to crash or is it inherently unstable?

I tried Afterburner but cannot control power levels with it.

Is there a more stable or better way to OC the cards?

In case this matters:
Memory +1650
Core -200
Power 67%


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  1. Much better to do this stuff at an OS level (i.e. HiveOS). If not feasible, uninstall whatever software you use to control the card (or at least disable it launching automatically etc.) and use the miner to set your OC. Gminer/Trex/Phoenixminer all have the option. Most miners do (except maybe NBMiner).

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