Mooners please help me out. Is This a Potential Job Scam?

I have been accepted to work with the company []( doing Data/admin Entry. They are offering 18 an hour in training and more. Im curious to know if anyone has information as to whether this is a legitimate offer, or if this an elaborate scam.

The company is Italian based.

The man who did the hiring was Simone Spagnolli, who does appear on linkedin.

The interview took place using Telegram, via text only.

They are also offering to pay for any software/hardware required for the job.

Please anyone with mroe information hep me determine the legitimacy of this job offer.

I will add pictures and info as requested. It takes a while to move things from my phone.

What do you think?

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  2. If they are asking for money for anything, that would be my red flag.

    I wouldn’t quit your current job

    Also how are they paying? Are they asking for bank details that could be then used for ID theft or fraud?

  3. definitely not a scam mate, I am Italian and I worked many years in credit risk/assessment.

    it ‘s a Group of Companies and their mission spans a number projects. The website provides quite a lot of information including Board of Directors. They have provided telephone numbers for their Rome office which I assume deals with the administrative aspect of the business. The rate of pay is quite good for data entry, which is quite a basic job that does not require any qualifications or particular skills. The founder are all from Bolzano which is the the city in Italy with the best quality of life! are you Italian by the way, where are you based. Precisely because data entry is quite a basic role, they don’t really need to interview you face to face with zoom or MS Teams. Usually you provide your bank details for the payrol, there is no risk with that. Feel free to call them anyway!

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