Monero as Money vs. Investment

Hey Guys! I know this question applies to crypto as a whole, but I’d like to get your thoughts on it. With the volatility of value when it comes to Monero, is it really viable as a currency? Let’s say I buy something from you today for 1 XMR. Tomorrow the value of XMR doubles and I just lost a bunch of money… this doesn’t seem like the best way to have money work. I know this is an extreme example but we have seen it happen with bitcoin and the guy that bought pizzas. I suppose my what I am asking is whether or not there is a solution to this? Will it always be a rollercoaster in terms of value, or will it eventually settle? I have quite a bit of XMR but am Hesitant to use it for this reason.

What do you think?

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  1. Eventually the cryptos that survive (I believe Monero will be one of them) will stabilize in value. In my opinion this stabilization will be correlated with Bitcoin moving from a store of value to a medium of exchange to a unit of account, essentially evolving in its role as money. Demand for Monero will continue to increase over time though, as digital surveillance becomes more and more pervasive, and Bitcoin is far from immune to this. That’s how I see it playing out at least. Most people here will have a different prediction probably involving Monero overtaking Bitcoin as the crypto of choice. I don’t see that happening myself but I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

  2. I like the theory that as it starts getting adopted as a currency more than as an investment vehicle, cryptos will become less and less volatile as the velocity of the coins ramps up.

    Its hard to get over the psychology of “it went up so I lost money on what I spent”, I’m guilty of it myself. So I’ve started buying as much as I can with crypto and then just buying back what I spent immediately after. If I spent .5 XMR for my yearly VPN, I immediately go buy .5 XMR. Sure over time I will loose some dust due to price fluctuation between spending XMR and buying it back but I think the overall benefit of driving adoption will outweigh any minor losses

  3. Why versus? You can do both. It HAS to do both to work in the first place.

    If it holds no value, it’s useless as currency, if it holds value, you can use it for saving.

    Anyway, just get back whatever XMR you spend. Buy it from exchanges or people, offer goods and services. Ideally try to increase your stash.

  4. Something I’ve pondered as well, until I realize I’m over thinking it. Any liquid crypto can at any point be exchanged to/from USD.

    So, by this same token, any time you spend $200 on a new ______, you could instead be putting that money into Monero.

    Really, what you’re getting at is that every dollar spent is a dollar that could be invested. So minimize spending!

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