MoneMarket webshop – 3rd party vendors – yey or nay?

I would like to thank everyone who contributed any of my posts so far. I appreciate your comments and opinions about MoneMarket ( []( ) .
Yesterday some of you brought up that we could work with 3rd party vendors. This could help to widen the range of products MoneMarket has and this could help to promote the usage of Monero.
I personally think this is a great idea, but I am not sure how.
As you fellow Monero enthusiasts gave me (us) such awesome and useful inputs so far, we would like to open this decision to you.
Please see the options below.
Any questions/suggestions/comments are appreciated!

**Allow 3rd parties – MoneMarket as Escrow**
This would mean that MoneMarket would act as a marketplace like Ebay or Etsy – except we would actually value your privacy. 3rd party vendor manages their own products and manage their own orders, but money moves through MoneMarket (MoneMarket as Escrow service). Meaning 3rd party only gets paid if the client is happy. If the client isn’t happy, gets money back.
I believe we could implement this fairly easily. There might be privacy concerns with 3rd parties using MoneMarket’s website as vendors, but I would need to look into this deeper.

**Allow 3rd parties – Use a 3rd party Escrow**
This means that there would be another company providing Escrow service.
Implementation of this would be very hard, as as far as I know there is no Monero Escrow service which has its own API. Therefore transactions would be messy and backed up.

**Don’t allow 3rd party vendors, BUT work with 3rd parties**
This would mean that no 3rd parties can access MoneMarket, we as MoneMarket would list 3rd party products. Client orders on MoneMarket -> MoneMarket orders on 3rd party site -> 3rd party site posts the item.
Implementation would be easy, but managing payments and orders would come with more administration. Also, MoneMarket would need to enforce the same privacy policy on 3rd parties which might be challenging.

**Don’t allow and don’t work 3rd party vendors from the internet** <- This is how we work at the moment
This would mean that MoneMarket would only list products which are sourced locally and coming directly from the producer/manufacturer.

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What do you think?

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One Comment

  1. Third partys yes, third party escrow yes. Would love to sell stuff on your site but to be quite frank, Id trust WHM more to not run off with my Monero than a site that popped up 2 days ago and only sells garlic + poop coffee xD

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