$MommyDoge Coin | Launched | Family Project with BabyDoge , By the ex Dev and Marketing member of BabyDoge | Goal to bring MommyDoge to her Baby On the Moon | Using the connections the team has to achieve it | Join the Doge Family



Launched in July 2021 Mommy Doge Coin is going to be the most viral crypto project of its kind. By an Ex Dev & Marketing Member of BabyDoge : Mommy Doge is fully decentralized, environmentally friendly and on a mission to support the women’s rights movement and gender equality initiatives.


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**Mommy Doge has learned a few tricks and lessons from the meme father. We are proud to say that Mommy Doge is a hyper evolution of Baby Dogecoin:**

− Being built on the Binance Smart Chain it comes with 10x faster block speeds, 1000x cheaper fees and is super friendly to the environment

− Mommy Doge actually has a purpose and vision: Bringing gender equality to crypto and supporting the women’s rights movement

− The token is hyper-deflationary burning coins with every transaction and thus steadily growing the value of each Mommy Doge coin

− It comes with an integrated smart staking system built in to reward you. So, more Mommy Doge Coins are being automatically added to your wallet with each transaction.

− While Mommy Doge is super cute, she got sharp teeth and protects her babies – her holders. She comes with a one of a kind tokenomics to protect all of you from whales and scams

− But Mommy Doge is also a big fan of the meme father – Dogecoin – and wants to imitate it in building a viral community of loyal supporters and be the new pet project of mega influencers So love, hug, and grow Mommy Doge to make this project rule the crypto world and let the dream of gender equality become a reality!


🐶**Get Mommy Doge Coin Here on** [**PancakeSwap**](🐶



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