Moderna ceo cashing out is it a red flag?

Over the last few weeks moderna has climbed almost 60% and not much news has came out about it. I was doing some digging and found the the moderna insiders have sold over 2 billion worth of shares since the start of the pandemic. It almost as much as apple insiders have sold I’ve the last 15 years. Do they know something about their vaccine they we don’t know yet or like it won’t be approved or do they think the share price will never even this high again? If they were confidential their company why would they sell so much shares when they have made billions that could advance their pipeline down the road. The vaccine is their first product in the market in 10 years of being in business which is kind of concerning. Should we be worried that they are selling so much shares?

My positions are some 8/20 300p

What do you think?

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  1. I’d be terrified to short Moderna, and then watch it fly past 400 because let’s be honest, nothing in the market makes sense anymore. Fuck TA and all other news and signals, it’s just ludicrous.

    But am I eyeballing puts? Absolutely.

  2. lol WSB was rife with these posts at $50-70 assured the vaccine was bad and wouldn’t pass clinical trials or get approved. Everyone here was so paranoid of the insider selling. Look at the price now.

  3. I bought 17 grand in $300 9/17 puts at the end of the day today. The sales are planned, but there has been only selling for a long time now. Absolutely no insider buying. RSI is at 85 on the daily. I doubt we get many new buyers at this level or higher, everyone knows this thing is out of control and I can’t imagine theres much more positive news coming to push it further. In my opinion, the runup of mega tech this week priced in exceptional earnings next week. We saw FB and GOOG pop in sympathy with SNAP. We know those earnings are going to be amazing, so the surprise is gone. Microsoft is up 20% in a month and a half, GOOG is up 23% in the last 2 months, etc. I think we’re going to see a selloff like we did back in April right after tech earnings week, and MRNA is going to tank hard along with everything else.

  4. Doc here….
    As long as there are variants and not allot vaccinated across the world, the vaccine companies will continue to thrive … doesn’t matter the efficacy as they can always (and fast) come up with new “booster” shots…. the public panic and the desire to go back to normal are fueling those…

    BNTX and MRNA are way hot now… look at BNTX… ATH.

    There is a new variant called Lambda… circulating in South America… worse than Delta…
    And the story goes on…and on and on…. how can you prevent those variants? Yup you got it: get infected or vaccinated since viruses can mutate so fast.

    Those 2 stocks will be hot for the next 2 years…
    If you think COVID is going away this year, you must be smoking something.

    They are now looking into mRNA type of flu/ RSV vaccines (trials started). Knowing how vaccine is effective against SARS-COV-2, I’m willing to gamble that the results are going to be astonishing…

    I do have MRNA
    I sold BNTX at half of this price…

    And to those who keep saying 99% survival: I pronounced so many young healthy patients with covid over the past year than over 15 years of my practice as a physician….and it’s never an easy comfortable death….

    One last thing: “Rule 10b5-1 allows company insiders to set up a predetermined plan to sell company stocks in accordance with insider trading laws”.

    So this is not “dumping” because “they know things about their vaccine”…. this sale was set/ predetermined way in advance…

    And our covid cases now are ALL unvaccinated ….
    The vaccine works … it actually works really well….
    I am vaccinated …. I wanted MRNA vaccine but got BNTX 😁

    This is not a financial advice btw…

  5. I was just looking at their valuation and thinking how insane it is given their product lineup. Puts on them are tempting, but I’ve never been a big fan of buying puts for some reason ( Except for SPCE puts around the flight since that was the most obvious free money opportunity ever ). Might take a closer look, though.

  6. Go look at share price prior to covid…they r just being smart man, especially if they sold at the peak. I would be concerned if they hadnt been selling, as that neans they would be fucking stupid

  7. There are a million reasons someone would sell shares, whole there’s only one reason they would buy.

    Insider buying is a good sign. Insider selling isn’t necessarily a bad sign.

  8. The run over the last two weeks started with a new contract for more doses (I forget how many and where) and then continued when it was added to the S&P 500 (massive news that forces buying for every fund tracking the S&P) so you should probably get better news sources. I think it will come back down, and it’s probably overvalued fundamentally, but shorting one of, if not the strongest stocks in the market just because it’s had a big run is a good way to get burned, imo. Overvalued doesn’t mean a thing as long as people are willing to pay for it.

  9. Executives, by SEC regulation, must put in buy or sell orders 6 months beforehand.

    He executed this morning a sale he put in, in like February.

    Their sell orders are a matter of public record. You can go see right now what executive insiders will sell in December ’21 if you wanted.

  10. That’s never a good sign . He might be jumping off the ship . That also depends how many share he has sold or planing on selling ?
    Nevertheless, it’s tough situation for investors.
    Dig deeper & find out .

  11. Maybe the truth about the vaccine is about to come out. Watch the news closely over the next 2 weeks where cvd cases are ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
    Lockdown s soon

  12. it climbed recently because they got added to the S&P 500… which forced a lot of index funds to add MRNA’s shares to their index. same thing happened to TSLA when they were added to the S&P. it’s going to keep climbing until all these indexes finish buying shares

    it also climbed because of the delta variant

  13. I dont buy puts on any company in this market. One of my worst losses is puts on NKLA, an out and out fraudulent company. When that went tits up, I’m done until someone takes JPOWs printer away

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