Mixed stock and options portfolio

Let me know what you think of this mixed stocks and options portfolio that is 36% in tech stocks, 46% in non-tech stocks, and 18% in options. As of close of Thursday, portfolio is up $52K in a little over a month of portfolio.

The goal of this portfolio is to generate yearly returns that beat out market returns through a mix of buying calls options, writing covered calls and put options, wheeling, and holding a diversified stock portfolio in industries including banking & capital markets, consumer electronics, internet content and information, solar energy, oil & gas, information technology, aerospace & defense, tobacco, food & beverages, life insurance, software, credit services, and home improvement. Another goal is to collect passive income through dividends and compound that through dividend reinvestment.

As of 07-22, it is up $52K or 10.4% over the last month. Moreover, the portfolio also pays around $7,000 in annual dividends (all qualified dividends), which will be automatically reinvested through dividend reinvestment.

Tech stocks include AAPL, AMD, AMZN, FB, GOOGL, MSFT, and NFLX. None tech stocks include AFL, GS, LMT, LOW, MCD, PFE, PM, UNH, V, and XOM. Options include AAPL 07/30 Expiration covered call with strike price of 137. AAPL 07/30 Expiration CSP with strike price of 136. GS 08/13 CSP with strike price of 365. IWM 01/2022 expiration calls with 214 strike price. QQQ 03/2022 expiration calls with strike prices of 325 and 255. QQQ CSPs expiration 03/2022 and 06/2022 with strike prices of 310 and 320, respectively. I typed as much I as can to explain my positions. See attached screenshot for pie chart of portfolio breakdown and also for a schedule of all holdings. Schedule is updated as of yesterday’s closing, not today’s closing.

What do you think?

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  1. Generally the capital you want to put to options is 10%, based on reading I’ve done on allocations. That being said by all means 20% is more risk and more reward man.

    You may wanna try the theta gang sub as well. Passive income from dividends and selling options is great if done right.

    Edit: someone else posted something similar here

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