Mixed Feelings

Coinbase is interesting. I get probably one to three emails a week about promotions on regular Coinbase, for learning and earning, and new features and offers. I also just today got the email about how I’m no longer waitlisted for the Coinbase Visa debit card, and how I can start earning crypto by using the nice shiny card.

Then, on the CoinbasePro side of things, I get emails very very sporadically about an issue that’s actually costing me money in opportunity cost. It’s been an issue since the middle of last month.

I use several exchanges and crypto brokers, and before this issue, I would rank Coinbase/CoinbasePro as one of the most reliable exchanges, I’d use it more than Binance.US, Kraken, Kucoin, Voyager, PayPal, Cashapp, or It was just quick and reliable. No holds on outgoing crypto like Voyager does.

I still think that Coinbase(and pro) exchange is really slick, and pleasant to use, but the competition for ease of use is stiffening, and I find myself using more and more because of how they’ll clear my fiat funds faster (3 days) after which I can immediately send off crypto.

Coinbase and Binance give you a loan instead when you make a deposit, and put a withdrawal hold (on an equivalent amount of funds) until a week or more has passed.

I also already have a Crypto-earning Visa debit card thru, and, it even works when I pay rent with it. I get a bunch of crypto back. Sooo, I feel like CoinbasePro needs to step their service up a little bit, to sway me back to using it over

I also get probably half of cashiers asking me where to get the fancy card, and when I let them know where, I’m unintentionally advertising whenever I whip out that card. I don’t mind answering people’s curiosity. I’d do the same if I get the Coinbase card.

I really still want to accept the debit card offer, because I like trying all the crypto offerings, so I can give informed answers to family and friends when they ask about it.

I just have mixed feelings.

What do you think?

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