Missing all attestation assignments on prater

I set up a validator for prater testnet following this series of blogs:


(AWS + infura). I started it this morning and everything seems to work fine, except that the validator is missing almost all attestation assignments (currently 128 out of 129). And my balance is going down by -0.00002 ETH every Epoch!

I don’t see any error info in the log /var/lib/teku/logs/teku.log. Could someone point me to where I should look at?


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  1. I am seeing this in the log:

    2021-07-13 16:54:51.161+00:00 | forkchoice-async-0 | INFO | LoggingWeakSubjectivityViolationPolicy | The latest finalized checkpoint at epoch 220 fell outside of the weak subjectivity period after epoch 3101, which is prior to the current epoch 25227.
    2021-07-13 16:54:51.162+00:00 | forkchoice-async-0 | INFO | WeakSubjectivityLogger | The latest finalized checkpoint at epoch 220 is outside of the weak subjectivity period. Please supply a recent weak subjectivity checkpoint using –ws-checkpoint=<BLOCK_ROOT>:<EPOCH>.

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