Mining Rig Suggestions?

Hello all,

I am fairly new to mining. Right now, I have 4 computer towers, each with their own motherboard+PSU and am looking to do things more efficiently. I have seen some pictures here of the setups some people have going on (please feel free to show them off in this thread) and would like to pick the brains of you veteran miners.

Some of what I have seen involves a grow tent and people pumping in cool air with an AC unit, others are just out in the open with no fans in a sort of metallic/bracketed case, and still others are in the same metallic apparatus but have case fans blowing air across each individual GPU.

I have two 3090’s, a 3080, a 3070, a 3060, and a 5700XT. Again, please feel free to show off your setup and your suggestions for cooling. Some of you really go all out with the designs and, in my opinion, it’s modern art.

What do you think?

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