Mini Doge Pro Is The New Hub Of All MEME Coins! ($MINIDOGEPRO); hold and passively earn doge!! DOGE Night Parties Every Weekend

Mini Doge Pro Is The New Hub Of All MEME Coins! ($MINIDOGEPRO); hold and passively earn doge!! DOGE Night Parties Every Weekend

Holy shit, if you haven’t taken a look at this project yet, you absolutely have to! Getting immediate bullish vibes on this one just from the fact that they pay you in DOGE… passively!!!

What is Mini Doge Pro and why should you give a fuck?

Well for starters.. You’ll literally make your initial investment back in a heartbeat! Also, apparently the team behind this have run coins up past 30+ mil MC in just a few days. Rumors have it they have access to pretty massive influencers, connections at CMC/CG, foreign whale investors, and some pretty big people backing this project…


So long-story short, expect some fuckin insanely wild marketing behind this project. These guys are such marketing geniuses; that your sister’s mother is going to be asking you how she can buy it.


Anyways, enough foreplay. Now ya’ll wetter than a Kardashian at an NBA game, let’s discuss the tokens key features… 💦


Ok so this is the most elaborate ideas I think I’ve seen in meme coin history, and they’re calling it ‘DOGE Night Parties’. It’s pretty much this thing where they allow memecoin communities to come together every Weds and vote on 10 different meme coins. At the end of the poll, whichever coin wins, MiniDogePro will change the rewards from DOGE and start rewarding that winning coin instead. The rewards are changed to the winning coin on Sat-Sun. They host one of these every single week!!!


🐕 Passively Earn DOGE rewards for hodling

💎 Expect Absolutely Insane Marketing..

📈 Massive Buybacks

🤖 Anti-Bot Protection (Cant Say How.. Obviously)

As always not financial advice, make your own decision and do your own research! Check out their telegram, they’ll have a voice chat available.. See you on the moon!

Contract: 0x54f120aaa66625c5f7bace06832e870c8e5a7170

Pancake Swap:

Telegram: [](

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