I know this may not be a popular opinion. I will be going off my personal experience, do with this what you will.
Holding forever sounds like such a great promise, however holding forever for appreciation is more of a stock owners mentality. Crypto is specifically for a short term gains, the idea of holding, it’s just making sure you keep trading the coin until it blows up. Other than that if it rises, sell off. If it drops buy in. Are you worried about taxes? The government will take five dollars a month for the rest of your life, don’t worry about it it’s your money. If some aspect of you told you to sell back around me too, and you decided to go on Reddit and read a bunch of other opinions they were not your own expert opinion, take that lesson, grow from it. And don’t lose again.

What do you think?

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  1. You can’t be serious? You definitely are not a crypto person. Short term – Oh Please- Bitcoin since 2010 -11 years hit 60000 + this year. Litcoin 2012, 9 years- hit 300+ this year.

    Please do your research on taxes as well. Capital gains taxes are based in percentage on your daytime job annual income- So if I make 50 grand a year I may pay 11 percent taxes on actual realized investment gain (meaning I sold and the profit is taxed). So you are telling people not to make money cause they may have to pay 11 percent to cover taxes- With that mentality you will never have expendable wealth.

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Any explanation for this? Thank you!