Matching the previous whales discounts.

Just making sure no one thinks this is actually anything real.

The rule is whatever they get we get

I’ll see if I can hold it for as long as seems fair buy for people to buy for the same discount price dip touched down to for like 3 seconds.

And to the whales / botters who keep on drawing the price down for deeper discounts while we see you buying in giant bulk quantities. Is this really worth it?

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Looks like you updated your bots to quit so conspicuously buying up exactly 25k and 100k intervals

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Dip ended. Can’t hold it forever. It would seem like it was real if I did. They have a ceiling at 22 cents but I suspect they’re planning on lifting it soon.

I can’t think of any other way to fix the problem other than to offer the same discount back which hardly even makes up for it being as are any of you buying in 80k orders?

I think doge can be the key to balancing the issue. The poverty tax is real on so many levels especially in terms of how easy it is to make money when you’re born a rich legacy kid.

If I or I bet most of you were born with millions I’m sure we’d all have vr drones that we could fly around and fire paintballs at Richard Branson. For some reason the concept of vr space tourism which is way better of an idea since I’d love to bring a bunch to some senior centers to schools etc. And imagine how cool it’d be to have underwater 5g and do deep see drone exploration / construction / mining. Drones have the capacity to auto pilot and fly in formation. So kindergartens could have space exploration literally any time now.

But nope, billionaires run the show and their ideas are retarded

What do you think?

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Is it time to hunker in the bunker?

🌕🌕 Safemoon on the Moon… LITERALLY! 🌕🌕