If you are selling a product, don’t you advertise and give reasons why people should spend money on your product or in this case, invest in it? How does an owl emoji increase anyone’s perception of the company’s professionalism or strategy for success? I get it, everyone is going crazy trying to figure it out which I guess generates hype, but hype only gets you so far. If you’re working something amazing, tell me what is is or what to expect so I have ammo to back up the hype I have invested in.

“Guys you should buy safemoon because it’s gonna be great! They’re gonna have a wallet, do something in the Gambia that I can find almost nothing about the details, and get this… The dev’s are tweeting owl emojis!!!!! Why wouldn’t you wanna spend money on this?!?!”

Don’t get me wrong; honestly do believe this is gonna be a great ride. I just get burned out on all the vaugeness.

What do you think?

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  1. I understand what you are saying, i was thinking the same way. But then they already have a lot of things that they announced already. If they keep saying like ” hey , we are working on this” people will not take them seriously too since its all talk and no product yet at this point. So my guess is they will announce another project or whatever that owl thing means after the wallet launch and they are creating hype right now just like they did with the bridges. Safemoon marketing doesn’t look as professional as other crypto projects like ada, but I guess this is their thing. Any publicity is good publicity, even the childish tweets with binance ( i guess). But once they release their products and it come out fantastic, then we should be fine. Right now, may be some people will see safemoon as memecoin/project and they are thinking wtf is this. It’s like tesla, elon will b saying stupid shits but the company and products are super fine so people just don’t really care. So I am just waiting for the wallets and others to come out and watching whatever they are tweeting rn.

  2. IMO: the people in charge are a bunch of young guys that love what they do, they’re just having fun while doing it. People invest in Wendy’s, and eat there but don’t get upset when their troll of a Twitter feed is active and being weird. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Just HODL

  3. Dude.. there are videos about the wallet app. Isn’t that the kind of advertisement you want?

    The owl is a teaser and it’s a fucking good one.

    Marketing isn’t only just about giving facts about a product. It’s about spreading the word and they do a perfect job on twitter.

    🙂 I like their marketing…

    Besides, with the wallet release there will be a massive marketing campain.

    They can’t advertise about the Gambia yet because maybe it’s not written in stone yet.

  4. They have to have more products to actually start advertising, and I think when the wallet comes out they will advertise it but right now they don’t actually have tangible products

  5. the safemoon team have signed NDA agreements about the projects and technology they are working on. the owl is the best they can do to give us hints at what they are up to. the people buying safemoon now are visionaries and dreamers. everyone else will hop on the train once the team finalizes what they are working on. have patience. the safemoon team are creating something great.

  6. I don’t understand what you are saying. It sure looks to me like their approach is working fantastically. Even the people complaining about their cryptic information are buying and holding Safemoon. How is this ineffective?

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