Lunar Horizon – The Sustainable Community Driven Token on BSC

Prepare for launch on 19th of July 2021 and enjoy full Lunar Horizon experience! 🌎 πŸš€ πŸŒ—

We take our mission seriously and have the fundamental goal of rewarding our token holders as well as the wider community – our environment on planet Earth 🌍 🌳 🌊

Under the direction of a revolutionary team with diverse backgrounds and expertise including: Investment Banking, Google, UK Ministry of Defence, Doctor of Medicine, Software development (a well known expert in the crypto space) and β€œThe Professor” a PHD of physics.

Lunar Horizon is a BEP20 (BSC) environment-focussed charity token with the aim of rewarding holders & the community. The project has a clear and decisive roadmap designed to deliver enhanced token functionality in the future, including a lottery, NFT marketplace and an E-Commerce store.

Each transaction incurs a 9.0% tax in order to reward holders and guarantee liquidity.

Safety features
– Locked liquidity (5 years)
– Audit of code done by TechRate (published few days after launch)
– Website security audit and penetration test undertaked by a military grade cyber security company
– Full transparency of team members

Trust features
– Fair launch conditions! We guarantee that the Pancake Swap pool price at time of launch will be the same as the initial liquidity pool price – no unfair mark-up for early investors!
– Broad initial holder base
– Burn of all remaining dev tokens
– Full disclosure on any actions

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