Looking for answers! I’m a SafeMoon billionaire not a FUDer! 😅 i don’t care about SafeMoonDEV, he/she is not important at all! you want know why! read this post please!

i had this question from day one as i started to invest in SafeMoon! safemoon is a copy & paste from BEE, just go to github, read safemoon.sol file, line 11!!! i’m sure that even safemoon team was shocked after they reached 5 billion market cap just in the first 3 month after launch, than they started to make new plans! safemoon bridges, wallet, blockchain, exchange… thanks papa i’m sure we will have this projects soon! papa is for me the hero not Safemoondev! this is my personal opinion and if i’m wrong please correct me, i’m just looking for answers! i’m all in on safemoon and i’m not selling actually i will buy more, when i have more money! either i lose all my money or i become a millionaire at least! no risk no fun, high risk, high reward!

What do you think?

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Alright. Alright. PSA Question time. I need some answers here because I’ve got money in Doge but I seem to clearly misunderstand what is going on on this sub.

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