LiveNFTToken( LIVENFT) fully Decentralized NFT Market Place ✨Private Sale is live today⚡


LiveNFTToken( LIVENFT) is Aimed to build fully Decentralized NFT market place to permote digital art across the globe.

LIVENFT TOKEN is building the strongest community to pump the token price. $LiveNFT is not dependent on any other coin, only holders are deciding how much it is going to cost. Who is interested in gains here? What are you waiting for?
Let’s GO-O-O!

We are on private sale @ 50 % discounted price e.g we will be offering presale on 23rd July , in presale participants will get 50000 LiveNFTTokens for 1 BNB while we are offering 75000 LiveNFTTokens for 1 BNB in private sale right now for very limited time and limited tokens only 1.875m tokens are offered in private sale for just 25 BNB to be raised initially

🔥 About LIVENFT Token:
Tokenomics 📄
Total Supply :120,000,000
Presale : 33.33% pre sale
Pancake liquidity 7.5 %
Centralized Exchanges listing: 5%
Community building( Airdrop) 2.5%
Devolopers holding: 1.67%
Locked 🔒
9% locked till January 2022
16% locked till January 2023
25% locked till January 2024
Developer Fully doxxed !

Private sale started today (13th July 2021) presale will start on 23rd July 2021.

Contract: 0x44fa4fd9211293a72fcbba8d58fe6cf0bd4df525

Presale: July, 23 – on DxSale/ Unicrypt platform.

Hardcap: Community will decide
Softcap: Community will decide
Max contribution: 25 BNB
Min contribution: 0.01 BNB

Announcement Channel:

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