Liquid cooling advice – kraken X73

Hi All

I have a very modest “mining rig” which is just my desktop computer with a GTX 1080Ti in it that is left mining pretty much the whole time. This is a very ordinary computer with a full case so the temperatures get high quite a lot!

I previously looked at getting some liquid cooling but EVERYTHING was out of stock. This situation seems to be easing now though so I had another look.

The kraken products look really good. I think that I need a Kraken G12 mount and something like a Kraken X73. I have a couple of questions though:

* I will be replacing all the inlet fans in my case with the X73. I imagine that this will mean the internal temperature of my case will go up as the incoming air is being heated by the X73. Will the volume of air still be high and how much will the temperature be affected? (I will be replacing 3 140mm fans)
* If I go with this I will have no room to install another system like this. Would I be able to use the X73 to also cool my CPU and a second GPU (if I got one) or do the kraken coolers only cool one item?


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