Limit Orders Not Working

Not sure where to post this, there’s no active FTX sub and I’ve been waiting a full day to get accepted to r/CryptoTradingFloor and I’m getting impatient. I apologize ahead of time if this isn’t the right place.

I’m using []( as my exchange. I’ve had issues with buy limit as well as stop limit orders. I’ve searched Reddit and Google and apparently I’m the first to have this issue, or at least the first to post about it. I did see similar complaints/question in regard to other exchanges, but the responses aren’t helpful. “Check the book orders” well, duh. If I have the highest bid price, and lower bids are being filled, mine should be too, right? I even saw an order at the exact same price is mine filled almost instantly. I watched the candle dance around my order for about 30 seconds before cancelling and trying again. Nada. It worked yesterday, although there was an instance where a stop limit didn’t work. A red candle came crashing through it like it was nothing. I waited 15 seconds or so, thinking maybe the chart was lagging. I scrolled down to look at my orders, my stop loss was cancelled, but the sell limit was still there. So I cancelled that and just opened a market order, selling at almost double what I originally risked.

Am I doing something wrong? I’m using basic limit buys and stop limits when selling. I thought they seemed pretty straightforward, but I couldn’t imagine limit orders being this buggy. Especially when I see people with the same complaints about major exchanges like Binance. Btw I just started really learning about day trading and scalping over the last week, and last night was my first real attempt. So go easy on me if I’m doing something stupid 😛

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