Let’s discuss safemoon burning

Guys, i wanna discuss something that you might be interested in. That’s what everyone is interested in because of our huge supply.

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This is what I found really interesting. To be less than 1 trillion, we just need one day’s daily volume perfectly. We can see BTC which is the pioneer of all crypto. Just think about how many years do we need to get that kind of daily volume. Finally, Daily volume is really important. But if we can hijack daily volume then our huge circulation can burn easily. The question is here, will ever get this amount of daily volume. My answer yes. How? If Safemoon releases Exchange, blockchain, wallet, and Gambia, etc in time. But, everything depends on devs. And we believe they will keep their promise.

By the way, what is your thought.

Note: I didn’t change the price.

What do you think?

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  1. Volume is THE most important metric we can be focused on.

    Volume determines how much is burned – the lower the price the more tokens burned for any volume.

    How much is burned determines the circulating supply – we simply can never get to $1 with a circulating supply of 580 trillion, or even 1 trillion for that matter. But if we could burn down to, say, 45 billion, $1 would give us a market cap of $45 billion making us the 5th largest coin right below BNB.

    Volume + your holdings determine how much reflections we receive – when it comes to reflections, averaged out over the day, the price is irrelevant, volume is everything.

    If we could reach a 24 hour volume of $1 billion, to reach a circulating supply of 45 billion it would take:

    0.0001 – 2,767 days
    0.00001 – 277 days
    0.000003 – 83 days

    Volume is everything, and as far as burn (and eventual price) is concerned, the lower the better.

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  3. i would say its hard to achieve that level of volume considering most of the vol for bnb btc eth is from day trading.
    In order to day trade safemoon, the fluctuation of the price has to be more than 20% for profit.
    But with such huge fluctuations, it is not feasible to be use for day to day transactions in gambia.
    if all the stuff released, i estimate sfm would have around 40% of your expected daily vol.

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