Let me quickly show you why Safemoon will only make a few millionaires, not 3 million of them

I’ll give you a scenario

Let’s say you own 100m Safemoon tokens.

Now imagine at some point in the future the price is fluctuating somewhere between 0.01 and 0.001. Those people will open up their wallets and see their worth fluctuating between $1m to 100k.

Most people won’t be able to mentally handle that level of fluctuation and will cash out somewhere in the middle and run away with profits. If not long before that.

And the few REAL diamond hand holders will make it to the next level after that.


So this concern that the economy will never allow that many millionaires is bogus. Human psychology won’t allow for that many millionaires.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve never understood this argument about ‘too many millionaires’. While I agree with OP stating that people will self select out before significant wealth (and that number is also debateable) its also a fallacy to state there ‘would be too many’. I live near a random lake in the southeast US and you can sit and point at 20 houses in one cove alone that are all $1M+ houses. Go to Denver, New York, Miami, or any other major metro area and there are thousands of million ot multi million dollar homes. There are LOTS of millionaires in the US (and elsewhere).

    Now that number goes down significantly when you start talking about 100+millionaires, but still.

    Theres plenty of room in the economic ‘pie’ for more millionaires. Don’t think of it as someone getting less pie because someone else has more. The pie is actuallu just getting larger as new markets emerge etc. Think about when the dot com surge happened qnd we got thousands more millionaires some pf whom are now then richest people on earth.

  2. I got in on March 22. I sold a little around ATH, to cover all my cost and than some. Still buy the dips little by little. I am over my original amount of tokens. 3.4 billon as of now. No plans to ever sell all, but you never know what life will throw at you .I love the teams, they have such great ideals and plans. Slowly on my way to 5 billon…

  3. It’s true. And, the people you may envy with 5B tokens for example will possibly cash out earlier than you with your 100M tokens. Someone with less tokens could possibly make more total profit than someone with billions of tokens. One reason being that the people who have invested enough money to have billions of tokens are probably in the subreddit everyday . Checking volume and price constantly . And will be the first to know when the price is up. Those who threw a few hundred in, could very easily forget about it until someone tells them that SafeMoon is a penny – or more 😂😝

  4. Not only that but everybody is in different stages of their lives, in different situations, with different ideas how much is a lot of money to them.

    Some people may need to pay off a house, some people may need a house ASAP, some young idiot may just want the Lambo then can’t upkeep it and sale it.

  5. That’s why I hold 2 wallets. One that I’ll definitely be cashing out from slowly. other one that I’ll just hold until safemoon turns $1. Whether it takes 5,10, or 30 years, idc. I’m only 18, so if it takes 30, retiring at 48 won’t be so bad.

  6. I agree, I’m ready for my $3.6M to $36M fluctuations. $0.01 is just the beginning, I’m “reflections” focused…I’ll buy me and wifey new cars and let it run. I don’t “need” the wealth now, building a legacy.

  7. If the price gets anywhere between .4 to .10 I’m out! I hold a billy and I’ll happily take my millions back to Miami to live happily ever after. I know exactly how great of a life I can live with even 30 million in the bank.

  8. Exactly. This isn’t the first crypto nor the last. I’m sure people had the same concern when millions bought doge at way under a penny and then it went to 70 cents…or millions bought Bitcoin when it was under 1 dollar etc. people that have that worry are just over thinking it. Half the people in here it seems can’t even handle waiting a month so you really think they’re going to hold for years especially when they are gaining? Hell no they won’t

  9. Pretty much. A lot of posts are fuddy because people are down money right now and they are only down a few hundred or a few thousand. How are these people going to handle being down 100k in a day.

  10. You’ll just need 400$ for 100M tokens. The risk and reward ratio is too HUGE! therefore leaving it roll for the next 5-10 years doesn’t matter at all. So even if it fluctuates, from 100K to 1M it actually does not matter at all

  11. Waiting until .008/.009 and I’m just gonna forget about it for a while, preoccupy my time and mind to work. Set alerts on my app to tell me when it’s .07 or even .08 and until then…survive

  12. Honestly if it ever hits .01 I’m out. Maybe even .005. I won’t be a millionaire, or anywhere near it, but I will have enough to get out of debt, and that’s the most important thing to me. I’ll leave a good chunk in my wallet to continue growing. With this plan I won’t be a millionaire, but I will be in. Much better place financially.

  13. Imagine how many submissions we will see saying “Today I lost $800,000”.. Like, no you didn’t. Not unless you sold… And if you hold on, it will go back up and then some. I understand it won’t be easy for many people to mentally handle that, but if you don’t HODL you won’t make it to the moon.

  14. There are wayyyyyy more millionaires out there than what people think. Most surgeons or senior university department managers I know (usually in their 50s) are all Millionaires. The amount of tech startup founders I know that have made it past the million mark (and they usually dump it into property and remain cash flow poor)… A million isn’t what it once use to be.

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