Ledger Nano S empty box

Hi guys,

First I would like to mention that I made reddit acc only to post this because I’m clueless on what to do.

I just started my journey into cryptocurrency world and brought some crypto that after couple of weeks worth reading I think are great investments.

My friend told me about this hardware wallets thing that are supposed to be safest way to store them and after some reading I decided to go for it. So on Jul 18, 2021. I made an order on official Dutch Ledger shop ( []( paid 68,68 € and waited for my order, it came 2 days later.


When order arrived (DHL) I opened it and the box was empty, to be precise, everything was inside the box except the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet itself. I would like to add here that the box did not looked like it was tempered with, it actually had shrink wrap around the box, just like you would expect, its just that Ledger was not there, as you can see it on the pic I posted.

So I sent them an email, immediately after I opened parcel and I explained what happened, I also send them this pic and serial number on the box. That was 6 days ago, I still did not get reply from them, except ”Thank you for your request” email.


What can I do? Did I just lose 70eur?

What do you think?

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  1. Hi

    You did the right thing posting to reddit as they don’t reply to email but do seem to eventually respond if you post here.

    I’m not sure what had happened to ledger but both the support and quality seems to have become terrible.

    I got a defective unit and it’s now going on months since my original order trying to get what I paid for. It may just be quicker to take this up via your credit card company and dispute the charge rather than trying to deal with ledger support. I’m about to do just that if it’s not too late for me.

  2. I don’t think your out, I believe Ledger is just very slow in general. At least that is all i see on Reddit. Hopefully they will get back to you sooner than later.

    I seemed to be the exception to the case. I ordered my X and I got it within 10days. So I guess it’s just hit and miss.

  3. I ordered it in India by asking a friend to pay it from US and give shipping address in India. And made sure it was done from legitimate website, plus you also have to be wary if Customs or their official mess with it, you never know ! Shrinking is not that hard technology and fraudsters can go to any length. Customs is usually an area where there is no bars to privacy in product, they can open anything, and rebag & you may never know if luck is not on your side. I received it in perfect condition, but the query i asked ledger few months back before buying has not been answered to this date. They need to work in customer service.

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