Ledger + Metamask: balance not updated on Ledger Live

hi all,

I need your help, I am new to Metamask (MM) + Ledger combination.

* I correctly linked MM(Chrome extension) to my Ledger Nano S on MacOS.
* I successfully moved Ethereum from Binance to MM account (linked to Ledger) via Binance Smart Chain.
* I have created a custom token on MM by importing the address of above mentioned transaction
* I see the balance of Ethereum into MM, but not into Ledger Live Ethereum account.



1. is that correct I don’t see updated balance on Ledger Live?
2. am I correct if I say my tokens are on Metamask wallet which is “tied up” to my Ledger Nano S?

if so, it is like to have the token shown on Ledger live.


Thanks in advance for your help and sorry if i placed silly questions.


What do you think?

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  1. > is that correct I don’t see updated balance on Ledger Live?

    yes, Ledger Live does not support Binance Smart Chain. You need to use MM or the Binance Chaine Wallet Chrome extension to access your BSC tokens.

    What you have are not “real” ETH, they are wrapped-ETH on the BSC chain. Basically you have only -I-O-U issued by binance. If binance does down, your wrapped-ETH will be lost, so personally I prefer having real ETH on the ETH chain.

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