Launchpad to Dfinity…and Beyond!

Indeed, the launchpad fad may be in a bit of a lull and Dfinity’s ICP token is dipping a bit but all the network needs is projects. And what better way to introduce new projects to any ecosystem than through a launchpad, a platform specifically designed for this?

Details are still sparse about DfinityPad but here’s just a couple of little observations to whet your appetite:

• Twitter account []( created in May 2021 (none of this 2017 created with 3000 preloaded shady nonsense) with 53 tweets and about a ton short of 2000 followers – all organic growth.

• Moderately active Telegram group []( with follower numbers that are not indicative of bots. Mods are always on hand to answer questions too.

• Website []( is more than just standard boilerplate stuff, already showing tokenomics, a litepaper and an audit by Solidproof as well. This is more than most projects at this stage would have.

I’m no smarts contracts whiz or developer – I just look at the other stuff and I like what I see. No doubt, once ICP is up and running fully, there will be a lot of projects looking to onboard. Absolutely makes sense to be in early on a launchpad project like Dfinitypad!

What do you think?

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