Large DOT Transfer Missing

Large transfer not showing up in Coinbase Pro for DOT wallet even though it shows as long ago completed in the blockchain explorer. All other crypto transfers went through fine.

I have tried creating support tickets six times, and they all fail with what seems to be transaction amount errors (this field seems intentionally setup to cause failure).

Some case numbers that have no action, only error emails:


I copied the DOT deposit address from the deposit dialog in Coinbase Pro. All other transfers for other cryptos completed and showed up fine. The DOT transfers did not, even though the blockchain explorer shows them as completed.

Please help me. This is incredibly frustrating and makes one feel completely helpless after a large amount of money has been lost and there is absolutely no way to contact Coinbase at all.

Please u/coinbasesupport

Edit: This has been resolved. Thank you.

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  1. I have the same issue with DOT transfer and still no reply. Yesterday it was almost instant, today nothing and support is slow yet again, last time it took months to figure out a larger problem. Case #06846190 if anyone sees this.

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The fuck is wrong with a lot of you?